This patented remotely controlled completion system used in waterflood injection wells for reservoir pressure maintenance includes two packers and two controlled electric valves (CEV) for simultaneous multi-reservoir injection (MRI) into two reservoirs through a single tubing string. The reservoirs are isolated by two mechanical packers, and a reagent is injected through the wellhead and a single tubing string into a telemetry units (TMU) for real-time measurement of pressure, flow rate and temperature (P, Q and T) and flow-rate control using CEVs separately for two reservoirs. 


  • For cost reduction in multi-reservoir fields and waterflood injection wells penetrating reservoirs with different properties;
  • To use currently inactive wells and reservoirs for reservoir pressure maintenance;
  • To shut in a reservoir in an injection well for maintenance and workover operations in responding production wells with no well killing cost.


  • The entire system, including controlled electric valves (CEV), is controlled in real time remotely or from Geonik‘s control station;
  • Two-way communication to obtain injection data from telemetry units (TMU) with Р, C and T gauges and precise opening and closing regulation of CEVs through logging cable;
  • Dynamic testing of each reservoir with recording of pressure fall-off curves by shutting in one of the reservoirs;
  • The system is run and set in the well in two stages: (1) setting a two-packer system and (2) running an SIMU on tubing for connection to the two-packer system;
  • Real-time injection management of each reservoir using downhole gauge and flow-meter data from TMUs;
  • TMUs units can be retrieved from the well without packers;
  • No additional tubing used with hydraulic valves for multi-reservoir injection is required due to ease of installation and high performance of the system.
Item code Casing string mm/in CEV seat diameter mm/in Pressure difference at CEV MPa/psi Maximum temperature (°C)

TMU w/gauges

Tubing thread diameter mm/in Downhole environment
Nominal diameter Wall thickness
MRI-2CEV-2TMU-118 140/5.51 6/0.2 12/0.47; 20/0.78 ⃰ 30/4351 120/248;
150/302 ⃰
73/2.87 Formation water


Associated gas

Gas condensate

Natural gas

146/5.74 9/0.35
MRI-2CEV-2TMU-120 146/5.74 6,5-10/


12/0.47; 20/0.78 ⃰ 30/4351 120/248;
150/302 ⃰
MRI-2CEV-2TMU-140 168/6.61 8-11/


12/0.47; 20/0.78 ⃰ 30/4351 120/248;
150/302 ⃰
178/7 13-15/


MRI-2CEV-2TMU-145 168/6.61 7,3-8/


12/0.47; 20/0.78 ⃰ 30/4351 120/248;
150/302 ⃰
178 11.5–12.7

* by personal request