Service services

LLC NPF “Geonic” offers a range of services provided throughout the entire period of operation of downhole equipment of its own production.

Dear users of the equipment of LLC NPF “Geonic”!

Your requests for engineering support, warranty or post-warranty repair of equipment of LLC NPF “Geonic” are accepted:

by a single toll-free number 8-800-700-34-34 and e-mail
Tel.: (843)210-03-33

Employees of LLC NPF “Geonic” constantly analyze the information received about the quality of their equipment. This is done to implement quality control and further improve the products.

Complex of services of LLC NPF “Geonic”

Engineering support

1Engineering support is carried out at the installation site of our equipment, which includes inspection, preparation for installation, control of installation and descent of equipment, checking its operability.

Repair and rental services

4The Repair service includes dismantling control, removal of our equipment, its inspection and repair, post-repair testing and subsequent installation.
The restored products in the conditions of the manufacturer fully correspond in their characteristics to the new ones.
The rental is carried out in order to reduce your costs for the purchase, installation and repair of our equipment, thereby during the rental period you have a full range of services for a minimum fee.
The service of the equipment purchased by you will be carried out regardless of your location.
Carefully trained experienced staff and own repair facilities guarantee the quality and safety of the services provided.


A range of services for geophysical research of wells

  1. 6Tele-inspection of trunks and faces of vertical oil and gas wells in order to examine the accident sites during drilling of the production column, detection of foreign objects in the well, deformation of tubing and production columns, determining the position of the radial opening of the formation, considering the nature of the liquid entering the well from separate intervals.
  2. 7Investigation of the technical condition of the inner column of the well using the Calibrator device with recording information on an electronic medium with depth data binding.