This patented completion system includes upside down ESP used for simultaneous water formation from the upper reservoir and its injection into the lower in one well. The reservoirs are isolated by PIM-2F mechanical packer, lower over tubing there is an ESP with telemetry unit and P, Q and T gauges to receive flow-rates from the upper reservoir to the lower. 


  • For cost reduction in multi-reservoir fields and waterflood injection wells penetrating reservoirs with different properties;
  • To use currently inactive wells and reservoirs for reservoir pressure maintenance;
  • Organization of reservoir pressure maintenance at remote fields, location of injected wells in areas with difficult terrain;
  • Absence of water treatment points for reservoir pressure maintenance in the very area.


  • Two-way communication to obtain remotely in real time injection data from telemetry units (TMU) with Р, Q and T gauges;
  • Possibility to control flow rates of injected liquids;
  • No additional tubing used with hydraulic valves for multi-reservoir injection is required due to ease of installation and high performance of the system;
  • Creation of pressure maintenance system without installation of high-pressure water pipelines and construction of pumping stations;
  • The system is run and set in the well in two stages: (1) setting PIM-packer system and (2) running an ESP with gauges and its connection to the packer system.
Item code Casing string, mm/inn Pressure difference at CEV MPa/psi Maximum temperature


TMU w/gauges

Tubing thread diameter mm/inn Downhole environment
Nominal diameter Wall thickness
MRI-DFT-2-118 140/5.51 6-8/0.2-0.3 35/5076 120/248; 150/302 ⃰ 73/2.87 Formation water


Associated gas

Gas condensate

Natural gas

146/5.74 9-11/0.35-0.43
MRI-DFT-2-120 146/5.74 6,5-10/


35/5076 120/248; 150/302 ⃰ 73/2.87
MRI-DFT-2-140 168/6.61 8-11/


35/5076 120/248; 150/302 ⃰ 73/2.87
178/7 13-15/


MRI-DFT-2-145 168/6.61 7,3-8/


35/5076 120/248; 150/302 ⃰ 73/2.87
178 11.5–12.7

* by personal request